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Realistic Solution Background & Mission Statement

Realistic Solution member of CAD CAM Group, which was formed in the early 1990's by Engr.MuhammAd Naeem Akhtar who had been involved in a number of business automation projects.
What was clear in all of these engagements, was that the companies involved had serious deficiencies in both the financial and information technology areas.

Often there had been some effort to improve one side of the equation without consideration for the other component and total integration that both company
functions require.
Additionally there were often consulting solutions attempted that did not consider the financial impact & cost of implementing, operating and supporting such systems to the client company.

Realistic Solution was formed to provide a fully integrated business solution with a measurable return on investment and a practical total cost of operations .

Realistic Solution Expertise
Realistic Solution designs, develops, implements and supports fully integrated business software and network solutions that have a straight forward design, make full use of existing "proven" technologies and offer reasonably priced, justifiable, supportable costs to the client.
While Realistic Solution has always embraced technology as a way to enhance business productivity and reduce costs, there must be a "business reason" for the technology. Implementing a technology solution simply because it is the "latest trend" according to industry experts, has never been a good reason for a technology solution and will never be a Realistic Solution methodology.

Realistic Solution is mainly partner of AccountMate Inc. USA, which provides # 1 ranked open source Lan & Clinet/server based Financial & Analytical solution for more than 200 industries.
Realistic Solution is also a Microsoft Partner and has several Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) on both Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows XP, and several Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrators (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

In addition, Realistic Solution has certifications with a number of our other premier business partners and has acquired training and in-house expertise on every partner solution we provide.
The benefit to our clients however, is that this allows Realistic Solution to evaluate the practical business application of these new technologies and provide proven, practical solutions to you as the client only as the technology becomes a proven solution and not before.

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