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Corporate Antivirus protection is a constantly changing market which is driven by new virus technologies and the ability to seamlessly protect all virus entry points to the corporate infrastucture against new threats.

ver the last few years we have seen how new virus technologies have radically changed their infetious and transmittal methods and this has raised questions about the validity of traditional antivirus solutions.Eventhough companies throughout the world have antivirus protection installed,the question is still raised every time a new breed of virus manages to slip through.The dangerous of newer viruses no longer reside only in their ability to destroy information,but rather in the ability they have to bring down complete networks to their knees.

ntivirus solutions must no longer only deal with the "numbers game" of how many viruses they detect,but rather with issues such as enterprise scalability ,server based performance,and the ability to catch the newest viruses that use the latest technologies.

Email has quickly taken fist place as the primary source of infection,which now represents about 90% of all corporate infections.It is obvious how viruses are using more advanced technologies to slip passed antivirus protection. via email,as is obvious how some antivirus solutions are not keeping up with the technology advances.
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